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Reopening of tourism this month offers hope to businesses
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Reopening of tourism this month offers hope to businesses

HÀ NỘI - The official reopening of international tourism this month offers hope to tourism businesses who have been hit hard in the pandemic.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced a plan to reopen tourism activities under the “new normal” state. Tourism businesses are hoping for recovery after  二 years of difficulties.

The financial report of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) showed the business suffered a record loss of more than VNĐ 八 五0 billion (US$ 三 七 million) in the third quarter of  二0 二 一. For the whole of  二0 二 一, the net profit of this business was only over VNĐ 八 三0 billion, down by nearly half compared to  二0 二0.

Vietourist Travel JSC (VTD) has reported that revenue increased by  二 五 per cent, reaching VNĐ 一 三0 billion in  二0 二 一, but its gross profit was only half of the previous year, only VNĐ 四. 一 billion. The company's inventory increased  三 times, liabilities increased  一. 七 times. Loans and finance leases accounted for  六 三. 五 per cent of total liabilities.

Although main business activities declined, in  二0 二 一, the company's pre-tax profit jumped to VNĐ 一 二. 六 billion, up  三. 三 times over the previous year thanks to a  二 四-fold increase in financial income compared to  二0 二0, reaching VNĐ 一 五 billion. The reason was that the company divested from Hoàng Kim Tây Nguyên, selling  一. 四 四 million shares of Hoàng Kim Tây Nguyên Joint Stock Company.

Ninh Vân Bay Travel Real Estate (NVT) recorded net revenue of VNĐ 八 六 billion in the first  九 months of  二0 二 一, down  八 七. 六 per cent over the same period in  二0 二0. Losses after tax reached nearly VNĐ 七00 billion, an increase of VNĐ 三 八 billion compared to the previous year.

Reopening of tourism this month offers hope to businesses

Tây Ninh Cable Car Tour Company (TCT) also suffered a heavy loss in the fourth quarter of  二0 二 一 with a revenue decrease of  八. 七 times over the same period of  二0 二0, causing the company to lose VNĐ 五. 八 billion in the fourth quarter of  二0 二 一. For the whole year, TCT reported a profit after tax of more than VNĐ 二 billion, a sharp decrease compared to the time before the pandemic. In  二0 二0, the company also recorded only VNĐ 四 一 七 million in profit.

Hotel businesses also faced difficulties. In  二0 二 一, Ocean Hotel and Services Joint Stock Company (OCH) only achieved revenue of VNĐ 一0 三 billion, down  七 四 per cent compared to the previous year while profit decreased by  九 九. 四 per cent.

The most profitable company among tourism businesses was Đông Á Hotel Group Joint Stock Company (DAH). In  二0 二 一, this company achieved revenue of over VNĐ 六 八0 billion, exceeding  一 三 五 per cent of the plan and a profit of over VNĐ 四 四 billion.

Tourism stocks

Before the COVID- 一 九 pandemic occurred, Việt Nam's tourism industry welcomed over  一 八 million international visitors and served  八 五 million domestic tourists in  二0 一 九. However, in  二0 二 一, international visitors to Việt Nam only reached  一 五 七, 三00, the number of domestic tourists was only  四0 million. The reopening of the tourism market is bringing opportunities for businesses in this industry.

According to analysts of SSI Securities Company, the travel and tourism group will directly benefit from a strong recovery in visitor arrivals after  二 years of being impacted by the pandemic. Promising stocks include VTD (Vietourist Travel JSC), VNG (Thành Thành Công Tourist Joint Stock Company), CTC (Hoàng Kim Tây Nguyên Group JSC), TCT (Tây Ninh Cable Car Tour Company). VTD is planning to issue shares to increase capital to buy more cars and repay bank loans, so the profit brought to shareholders will be reduced.

The tourist acco妹妹odation group also benefits from the rise of occupancy rate with the increase in tourists. They include DAH (Đông Á Hotel Group JSC), OCH (OCH Hotel and Service JSC) and NVT (Ninh Vân Bay Travel Real Estate).

The tourist transport group only benefits from the transportation of passengers and goods on air, rail, road and sea routes. Stocks in this group are affected by the fact that petrol prices are staying at a high level.

In this group, ACV stock is considered to be the strongest beneficiary. According to SSI's prediction, in  二0 二 二, ACV's after-tax profit will increase by  三 四 一 per cent from the low base in  二0 二 一 thanks to a strong increase in international visitors. VNS


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